Pulmonary Study Area


Carolina Clinical Research specializes in pulmonary (lung) disorders. With several trials available, we are on the front lines of developing new treatments for many pulmonary disorders, including COPD.

We currently are conducting two clinical trials; One is evaluating The Efficacy Of An Inhaler Treatment In Patients With Respiratory Diseases and the other a Study To Assess The Efficacy, Safety, And Tolerability Of Drug vs Placebo In Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


Carolina Clinical Research is one of the Carolina’s leading research sites regarding COVID-19 treatment and prevention.

Working closely with study sponsors, we are on the front lines to develop treatment options for those individuals who receive a positive COVID-19 diagnosis but are not yet hospitalized.

We currently are conducting one clinical trial, A Study for Outpatients with COVID-19.

COVID-19 Study Area

Infectious Diseases Study Areas

Infectious Diseases

Carolina Clinical Research specializes in conducting clinical trials for infectious diseases. We have the facilities and expertise necessary to conduct clinical trials safely and effectively.

We currently are conducting two infectious disease trials: A Study for Outpatients with COVID-19 and a for the Treatment of Chronic Inducible Cold Urticaria

All Therapeutic Areas

Carolina Clinical Research conducts clinical trials in several areas. Working closely with drug manufactures and study sponsors, we ensure the safe, comfortable, and effective administration of clinical trial medications.

While we may have trials covering several clinical areas, our principal investigators and clinical staff specialize in the following study areas:

  •       Pulmonary Disorders, including COPD and Asthma
  •       Infectious Diseases , including COVID-19