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September 8, 2021

8 Reasons To Volunteer For Medical Research Studies

Every year, hundreds of clinical trials are registered in the U.S to identify more effective treatments or drugs for various health concerns. A key component of these trials are volunteers who are needed to determine the functionality of the investigational treatment or drug.

Have you ever thought about participating in a clinical trial or medical research study? Here are some reasons you should give the subject some thought.


  1. Many Studies Are Under-enrolled

A vast number of clinical studies are either under-enrolled. A recent study involving 150 clinical trials and nearly 16,000 study centers discovered that 11% of centers fail to enroll even a single patient while 37% do not meet their proposed enrollment numbers. If there are no volunteers for these studies, the purpose of the trial would be defeated.


  1. Every Age Bracket Counts

Previously, the number of registered children and older adults in clinical trials was low resulting in a lack of data on how these age groups may react to new drugs and treatments. The rate at which medications are absorbed and processed vary among children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Also, some diseases occur in both adults and children but cause different effects. This is why every age bracket is needed in medical studies.


  1. All Genders Count And Both Sexes Are Needed

Apart from age, sex and gender can also affect health symptoms and outcomes. Males and females often experience varying risks of specific illnesses or conditions based on their genetics. They may also react to treatments or medications differently. This is why you should volunteer for a trial irrespective of your sex or gender.


  1. People With Diagnosed Conditions Are Needed

Clinical trials typically study particular diseases or conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, Covid, Multiple Sclerosis, and others. Researchers need people who have been diagnosed with these conditions for the trial to go on.

People with other medical conditions are also needed to see how their existing medications may interfere with a new treatment. For instance, people with heart conditions often take prescription medications which can affect how the body responds to other types of drugs.


  1. Healthy People Are Also Needed

Some trials are carried out to prevent certain diseases or to analyze the risks factors in healthy people. These types of trials require only people who are already at risk for certain diseases or conditions but do not have the disease. So, feel free to register for a clinical study you have an interest in as long as the trial allows for healthy participants.


  1. Volunteering Is Free And You May Even Be Compensated

Volunteers at clinical trials do not have to pay any money to participate in the study as the sponsoring organization usually takes care of every attendant cost including medications, treatments, examinations, and appointments.

Instead, some trials may even pay you to participate or you may receive some form of compensation for your contributions. Before you consent to clinical studies, look through the study protocol to ascertain whether they are paid research studies.


  1. You Can Leave The Trial At Any Point

A lot of strict guidelines and standards are enacted to make clinical trials as safe as possible. The study protocol also informs you about the trial, what you are needed for, and what your rights are. You are also allowed to ask questions to ensure your comfort and confidence. However, if at any point you decide to end your participation, your wish will be granted immediately.


  1. Volunteers Can Help Make The World Better

Significant medical advances throughout history have only been possible because of the participation of both healthy and ill volunteers. We need YOU to unlock new doors to diagnosing, preventing, and treating the various diseases plaguing mankind.


We conduct a wide variety of medical studies at Carolina Clinical Research! For further information or to see if you or someone you know may qualify to join one of our programs, please contact us today!