10 Questions To Ask Before Participating In A Clinical Research Study
October 26, 2021

10 Questions to Ask before Participating in a Clinical Research Study

Clinical trials are conducted to study, experiment, and understand a medical or behavioral phenomenon. It is through the conduction of such trials that medical knowledge regarding a particular disease or new drug is expanded.

An essential ingredient of a clinical research is the available volunteers that agree to participate. If you have ever considered getting involved in medical research, you must know what you will be dealing with.

Here are some questions that cover what you should know about clinical trials before signing up for one.


  1. What does the study aim to achieve?

Every study is conducted with an aim/goal in sight. It might be to test the effects of a newly improved cure or to enhance a specific treatment method. But whatever the aim of the study is, it would be best that you are aware of it.

  1. Have similar studies been conducted in the past, and what were the outcomes?

Knowing the history of previous, similar studies can help you make a more informed decision about volunteering for a clinical trial. It can also help you predict the possibilities of failure or success.

  1. Who are the individuals or organizations funding the study?

Every study is supported by different organizations or individuals with similar interests. Being informed of their involvement in a clinical trial can be an encouraging reason to participate, especially if the organizations involved have a reputation of competence.

  1. How will my medical details and privacy be safeguarded?

Before a clinical study, details like your medical history and other important information will be used in the study. Those details could be found in places they shouldn’t be. Knowing that your information will not be tampered with or given to a third party is a fact that you must be aware of.


  1. How long is the study expected to last?

Since all studies have a time duration, it would be great to know how long it would last to prepare correctly or decide on the trials.

  1. What will I be instructed to do?

In the course of the clinical trial, you’ll be required to do certain things depending on what kind of trial you are involved in. You must have an idea of what will be required of you.

  1. What are the probable threats?

According to the National Institutes of Health, there are at least six distinct types of clinical trials, and each has its threats. The kind of trial you partake in will determine the degree of risks that will be involved. It would be wise for you to be informed about possible hazards that might occur.

  1. What kinds of treatment, or examinations will I undergo during the trial?

For each clinical trial, couple of tests and medical procedures will be implemented. Some of which you might not be familiar with. In your best interests, you should attempt to know the examinations or protocols that you might be exposed to.

  1. Who will provide these treatments, or examinations?

Usually, a team of very experienced medical personnel is generally employed with the task of providing the treatments and taking you through the tests and procedures. Nevertheless, it would be best that you are aware of the persons who will be providing the examination and techniques for the trials.

  1. What are the possible side effects of the examinations and tests?

Through your medical history, you can react to certain substances that will be used for the trials. Moreover, there might be possible side effects, especially when a trial involves a new drug or medical technique being tested. Being aware of any possible side effects from the study will put you in an excellent state to participate in a clinical trial.

Being aware of the answers to each of these questions will place you in a better position to decide whether to participate in a clinical study. We conduct clinical trials in various fields, mainly specializing in Pulmonary Disorders and infectious diseases like COVID-19. For more details about our clinical trials, kindly contact us via +17042904587.